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About the Authors

Jerry Joyce is a marine biologist who has conducted research from the Arctic to the Antarctic and has published extensively on marine-mammal and fisheries issues. He developed computer programs in association with these studies to simplify real-time data entry, validation, and analysis that substantially enhanced the quality of the research. He has also had a long-standing relationship with Microsoft: Prior to co-authoring 16 books about Microsoft Windows, Word, and Office, he was the technical editor for numerous books published by Microsoft Press, and he wrote manuals, help files, and specifications for various Microsoft products. Jerry is a Seattle Audubon volunteer and is involved in citizen-science programs, as well as consulting on oil-spill prevention and response, aquatic invasive species, and the restoration of Puget Sound.

Marianne Moon has worked in the publishing world for many years as proofreader, editor, and writer�sometimes all three simultaneously. She has been proofreading and editing Microsoft Press books since 1984 and has written and edited documentation for Microsoft products such as Microsoft Works, Flight Simulator, Space Simulator, Golf, Publisher, the Microsoft Mouse, and Greetings Workshop. In another life, she was chief cook and bottlewasher for her own catering service and wrote weekly food and cooking articles for several East Coast newspapers. When she's not chained to her computer, she likes gardening, cooking, traveling, writing, and knitting sweaters for tiny dogs. She volunteers for Seattle Audubon�s History Committee, and there�s a children�s book in her head that she hopes will find its way out one of these days.

Marianne and Jerry own and operate Moon Joyce Resources, a small consulting company. They've been friends for 28 years, have worked together for 24 years, and have been married for 18 years.

They are deeply committed to improving the current state of our world. Therefore, in addition to their volunteer activities, they have pledged a portion of the proceeds from their books to Mercy Corps and to The Smile Train.


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